Beer storage bucket



Beer fresh-keeping barrel is a specially designed beer barrel for fresh beer storage and transportation. As we all know, the most difficult to store among the various beer is fresh beer. This is because: First, fresh beer contains live yeast, which will multiply when the temperature rises, thus destroying the taste and quality of beer. Second, Fresh beer contains carbon dioxide, which will overflow when the pressure is insufficient. The contact of the wine with air oxidation will destroy the taste of the beer. Third, the fresh beer is rich in nutrients, which is very beneficial to the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, even a small amount of microorganisms. Greatly shorten the warranty period of beer. Therefore, there are three requirements for beer preservation: first, to maintain the initial temperature of beer filling; second, to keep the carbon dioxide contained in the beer from overflowing and to isolate oxygen; and third, to keep the beer barrel clean and hygienic. Therefore, a high-quality beer barrel must have three major properties, 1, insulation, 2, pressure and anaerobic, 3, cleaning. Beer kegs are used in the order of use in the market, according to the internal and external structure of the material can be divided into: all plastic beer barrels, all steel beer barrels, and the newly developed inner steel outer plastic beer barrel.