Which beer preservation bucket is better for sub-packaging beer?



According to the order of use in the market, the beer barrels can be divided into: all-plastic beer barrels, all-steel beer barrels, and the inner steel outer plastic beer barrels that have just been developed. Which beer barrels are better? Because of their advantages and disadvantages, you should choose the product that best suits you.

All stainless steel beer kegs. Advantages: bright appearance, can be heated and sterilized. Disadvantages: high input and operating costs. Moreover, the excellent thermal conductivity of the metal makes the insulation performance poor, especially after the strong impact of the outer casing deformation, the insulation will be worse, resulting in the beer being kept at a low temperature for a long time, which will affect the "freshness" of the beer.

Full plastic beer keg. Advantages: low input cost and low operating cost, the cushioning effect of the collision of plastic characteristics will not be deformed, and its excellent heat insulation, even in the hot summer, can keep the beer at a low temperature for a long time, thus ensuring the freshness of the beer. degree". According to the measured data of the comparative test, the plastic beer barrel has three times the insulation performance of the whole stainless steel beer barrel. No matter the initial input cost or the later operation cost, it is much smaller than the all-stainless steel beer barrel, and its cost performance is outstanding. Disadvantages: can not meet the requirements of high temperature sterilization.

Inner steel outer plastic beer barrel. Combining the advantages of all-steel and all-plastic beer kegs, cleverly avoiding their disadvantages, it can be said to complement each other. The input cost is much lower than that of the whole steel beer barrel, and the thermal insulation performance is much better than that of the whole steel beer barrel, that is, the operating cost of the insulation preservation time is reduced. It can also meet the requirements of heating and sterilization as a full steel drum. And because of the high value of the steel structure of the steel structure, after using it for a period of time, it can be changed to a new look by changing the outer casing. It will surely become the best container for the healthy development of the fresh beer market in the future.

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